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What to expect this season at Shadow Wood

As we eagerly look ahead to another season beginning here at Shadow Wood, we wanted to let you know what you could expect if you visit the Club this year.

Whether you are a current member, future member, or a visiting guest, its important to know what the Shadow Wood team has put in place to best protect the health of everyone at the Club!

Instead of a very long, detailed list, our team thought it would be more fun to show you what the club is offering, what precautions we have put into place, and how we are providing the safest conditions at the Club!

Please take a few minutes to watch and enjoy this video featuring some of the friendly faces from the Club:

Our team is here and ready to serve you this season. Our number one priority is your health and safety. We can't wait to see you at the Club!

Golf Pro's Favorite Holes

Shadow Wood Golf Pro's Favorite Holes!

With 54 holes of golf, Shadow Wood Country Club is truly a golfer's paradise! But having 54 holes presents one challenge... how do we pick a favorite?

I am often asked which is the "best" course, or what is our signature hole? Well, to be honest, it’s just too hard to choose! Each of the three Shadow Wood courses has different features and challenges which makes them each unique.

So, I decided to take the question to the pros! What surprised me the most after asking 7 of our golf professionals is that I heard 7 different answers! This is truly a testament that the game of golf is unique for all those who play it.
  • Brian Bartolec, PGA, General Manager/COO, South Course, Hole # 18, Par 5
  • Andy Scrivner, PGA, Director of Golf, North Course, Hole # 12, Par 5
  • Bryan McComb, PGA, Head Golf Professional, North Course, Hole #2, Par 4
  • Kyle Bloam, PGA, First Assistant Golf Professional, South Course, Hole #12, Par 4
  • Mark Moffatt, PGA, Director of Golf Instruction, South Course, Hole #14, Par 4
  • Tom Kern, PGA, Preserve Club Manager, Preserve Course, Hole # 18, Par 5
  • Eric Ruha, Director of Agronomy, Preserve Course, Hole #10, Par 4

If you want to know why our team of PGA professionals love these holes and learn some of their best pro tips for each, then read on below!
“My favorite hole is #18 South. This is a great finishing hole. There is a real risk reward factor to going for the green in two. It is always nice to have a gallery watching from the Sunset Terrace as you finish your round.”
“Hole # 12 on the North Course is a par-five and plays 603 yards from the Black Teeing Grounds. This is a terrific par-five in that each shot requires careful thought and offers some risk-reward consideration. With the natural preserve area fronting the entire left side of the hole and backdrop behind the green, this hole nicely marries SW Florida nature with the golfing experience. For the longer hitting players, starting your tee shot over the lake and towards the left half of the fairway provides the best opportunity to play aggressive into the green. After finding the left half of the fairway, focus your alignment on the front-right greenside bunker, and be aggressive with your swing to promote right-to-left spin on the shot. Successfully pulling off this second shot may result in your ball reaching the green and utilizing the contours to get close! If your second shot finishes safely in the fairway short of the green, remain focused on your next shot, as the slopes around this green make it uniquely difficult to recover from a wayward approach!”
“Standing on the tee on the North Course Hole #2 is nature at its best in Southwest Florida. The dogleg to the right shape of the hole, bordered by the full trees on the left, a lake on the right, with a nature preserve area behind the green, makes this one of the most visual appealing holes on the course. Once the beauty sets in, do not let the short Par 4 deceive you. For being a short Par 4, this hole has some teeth and can be very difficult if not played according to the design of the hole. To play this hole the best, it is recommended to play out to the left of the bunker and lake, trying to position your ball on the left side of the fairway, if possible. From the left side of the fairway you will have the best approach angle into the green. With bunkers guarding the front right and left side of the green, and a preserve area over the green, it is best to try to play to the middle of the green, regardless of the pin placement. If you were fortunate to hit a couple of well struck shots, this hole can setup a great birdie opportunity. However, the unfortunate missed shots can make this short hole very difficult. Between the beautiful aesthetics and fairness of the hole, this is one of the best holes on the North Course.”
“This hole sets up beautifully form the tee. The golfer can see each feature right in front of them. The fairway bunkers on the right, the oak tree on the left and the green guarded by a bunker left and water right. While the hole may be short in yardage with a wide fairway, to score well here the golfer must hit two fantastic shots. The right side of the fairway is best off the tee, as is provides the preferred angle into the green while avoiding the oak tree. If the fairway bunkers are avoided, the golfer will be provided a great view of the green, angled away from the water. Here is your chance! A wedge or short iron into a well-guarded green. This shot always gets an ample amount of my attention and is one of my favorites at Shadow Wood. It is best to hit the approach onto the left side of the green as the slope will provide a backstop and feed the ball down toward the water. Once safely on the green, the break toward the water is very apparent. But choose your pace carefully, as most putts on this green are downhill and tend to be very quick!”
“We have many great golf holes throughout our 54 holes at Shadow Wood Country Club, but one of my favorites is No. 14 South. This is a wonderful risk reward hole that is challenging yet fair to all levels of golfers. From the teeing ground water guards the landing area along the right side of the fairway. There is plenty of room left if you choose not to take on the water. The green has a false front with a collection area to the right and a bunker left. The green looks smaller than it is from the fairway due to the green contours that create an illusion to the golfer. One of my favorite features of the hole is the preserve left of the landing area off the tee which is dominated by willow and other native trees and natural wildlife. It gives the player the feel of playing out in nature. If the player is bold enough the preferred play off the tee is down the right side of the fairway because it gives the player, the best angle and view of the green on their approach. From this angle the player has the additional option of landing the ball short and possibly running it up the false front. If the player chooses to fly the ball onto the green be sure to play to the middle of the green, because a ball not hit solid will roll back off the false front making for a challenging chip or putt up a steep incline.”
“I feel with the new re-design of the Preserve golf course, #18 will be the new signature hole. It is a relatively short part 5 in today’s standards but feature a lot of risk or reward. Depending on the tees you choose, with a good drive you will be anywhere from 175 to 225 yards away from the green. Facing a second shot to a green that is tucked close to the newly added bulkhead. With a bold second shot executed precisely you can reach the green and have a putt for eagle, but you also risk going into the water on the right side of the green and having to scramble for par or bogey. The safe way to play the hole is to lay up and have a relatively easy 3rd shot and try getting a birdie with a long putt or an easy 2 putt for par. With the match on the line, you will have to decide which play gives you the best advantage for the final hole of your round.”
“This hole speaks the name Preserve in every aspect. From the early construction phase of having to re-locate gopher tortoises into the natural area to the right, to the wood line running completely around the perimeter, #10 is one of only a few holes that has no homes along the border. And for my golf game, that is safer for everyone. The original oaks that flank the landing area may not look that big from the tee, but when you challenge them if “threading the needle” you need to be very accurate as they soon tower over you. Setting up before the oaks is safe and will have you 160/140 into the green, but the more you gamble, the shorter wedges come into play. As you look upon the green complex, the backdrop is a very picturesque natural area that frames the area perfectly. As the sun sets in the West, the shadows cast along this fairway are spectacular.”

Which of Shadow Wood’s Courses and hole is your favorite?
Leave us a comment below and let us know!

Coronavirus Action Plan

Coronavirus Action Plan

At Shadow Wood Country Club, the health and safety of our membership is a top priority. We are working hard to attempt to limit our Club members and staff’s exposure to the virus, while continuing to provide members access to Club amenities.

Our new restaurant, the Golfside Grill, is offering prepared meals for curbside pick-up, Executive Chef Richard Crisanti and his team have put together a menu of delicious meals to include both family style and individual sizes. This curbside service is in place for pick up of your prepared meals for you to enjoy in the comfort and safety of your own home! To view the to-go menu, click hereIn addition to providing prepared meals, we are proud to offer our members a selection of items to purchase if there are necessities that we can assist them with to fill their pantry or fridge. To view the list of groceries available for member purchase, click here.

Two of our three courses, the North and South Golf Courses will remain open with regular tee times available. Golf Cars are available for single riders only and are being wiped with disinfectant in advance of play, and additional measures have been taken to further limit common-area “touching” during the game such as removing bunker rakes and modifying the Flagsticks/Cups to allow the ball to fall slightly below the surface of the turf, while also allowing Members to safely retrieve their ball without touching the Flagstick or the Cup.

Our third course, the Preserve Course, has began its renovations under the direction of Rees Jones. We look forward to unveiling a newly renovated Preserve Course for our golfers in the Fall!

Our Club has increased normal cleaning procedures to include extra sanitization in all areas. We have increased access to hand sanitizing pumps and have had them installed at various areas around the Club, along with disinfectant wipes. In addition, our culinary team is certified as ServSafe Food Handlers. Our entire team always follows proper hand washing rules and are expected to wash accordingly every hour, as well as always wearing plastic gloves while on duty.

Our Club staff and Board of Directors have taken these steps to help protect everyone’s health and well-being. We hope these measures will be temporary and we look forward to welcoming members and their guests back at the Club with full services when this situation has been resolved.

Ladies Legacy Golf Invitational 2020 at Shadow Wood

Ladies Legacy Golf Invitational 2020 at Shadow Wood

We are excited to share our video from the 2020 Ladies Legacy Golf Invitational "The Evolution of Flight" which features some fun highlights from the 2 day premier Ladies’ Member-Guest tournament. Thank you to all 101 teams who joined us, including guests from all over the state and the nation. Sit back, relax, and enjoy a short flight aboard Shadow Wood Air!


Shadow Wood Country Club Brand Film

Shadow Wood Country Club Brand Film

This season we partnered with our industry's premier video production company, Private Club Films to create a unique brand film to showcase our Club to those who haven't shared the Shadow Wood experience yet. They say that if a picture is worth a thousand words, then video is worth a million! With so many exciting things to highlight at Shadow Wood, from amenities, to activities, to the people, and the location, we decided to take that quote to heart. Please enjoy the Shadow Wood Brand Video!


Winter White Out Celebration 2020

Winter White Out Celebration 2020

We are excited to release the video from the 2020 Season Celebration White Out Party! It was a truly fantastic and memorable evening with over 650 members joining us to celebrate, complete with musicians, dancers, fireworks, and more! It’s always a fun time at Shadow Wood Country Club. Check out the video below!


Golf Season Kickoff 2019

Golf Season Kickoff 2019

This week, we kicked off our 2019-2020 Golf season with Ladies Opening Day on Tuesday and Men’s Opening Day on Thursday. 101 ladies and 135 men partook in the festivities. Please enjoy this 2 minute video featuring some highlights of the events. We look forward to another amazing season here at Shadow Wood Country Club!


Shadow Wood "Tips from the Pros": Golf Tip with Mark Moffatt

Shadow Wood "Tips from the Pros": Golf Tip with Mark Moffatt

Our Shadow Wood video series “Tips from the Pros” feature Shadow Wood professionals sharing with you the knowledge of their expertise. This video features Mark Moffatt, Director of Instruction, sharing his golf tip on how to hit straighter shots by using the lower body in the down swing.


Spain Member Golf Trip

Over the past 5 years, Shadow Wood has organized and operated 6 member golf trips to some of the most prestigious golf
destinations in the world. These trips are very well received among members and attendance and interest continues to grow each year. This September, 86 Shadow Wood members along with our Director of Instruction, Mark Moffatt and his wife Tracy,
experienced the trip of a lifetime in one of the most beautiful countries in Europe: Spain! The group was divided into 2 trips, with 40 on the first trip and 46 on the second. The 12-day trip itinerary was extremely well organized and chalk full of extravagant golf
excursions, sightseeing tours, dining, and more. The itinerary catered to the needs of both the golfers and non-golfers attending the trip.

Landing in Malaga, Spain, the members traveled to their first accommodation, Hotel Almenara in Sotogrande, an elegant,
Mediterranean-inspired 4-star golf resort, where they were greeted with a Welcome Reception Dinner. The reception, held on the terrace, had gorgeous views of mountains and the Mediterranean Sea. The group was served a delectable assortment of traditional Spanish tapas and refreshing cocktails, while they mingled with their fellow travelers. Some of the members traveling together did not know each other prior to this trip and grew very close throughout the journey. Traveling with people and experiencing new things together truly creates a uniquely special bond.


Golfing excursions were at the best of the best in the Southern Spain region, including Finca Cortesin Golf Club, Valderrama, LaReserva at Sotogrande, Real Sotogrande Golf Club and San Rouge Golf Club. The golfing in Spain was very unique compared to what our members are used to in Southwest Florida. The regions were very mountainous, with a lot of elevation changes on the courses. Mark noted that it was challenging, but very rewarding. He said the members embraced the challenge and truly had an
exceptional time playing these world class courses.


Their sightseeing tours took them all around Southern Spain, across the Strait of Gibraltar, and even to Tangiers, Morocco at the Northwestern tip of Africa for an exotic day trip. When in Tangiers, their local guides toured the members around the city, teaching them hands-on about Moroccan history while experiencing the rush of being in such a lively, exciting destination. They haggled their way through markets and bazaars for handcrafted Moroccan goods (rugs, leather, and pottery, oh my!), encountered snake charmers on the streets, rode camels through a park and on the beach, and enjoyed a traditional Moroccan lunch accompanied by live music and belly dancers.

As all good things must come to an end, this extraordinary journey ended with a Farewell Dinner back in Malaga consisting of an elaborate five course meal, and traditional flamenco dance performance. At the dinner, the members received a handmade gift- a gorgeous terracea box with the Shadow Wood logo and “Spain Trip 2019” engraved on the top. Everyone had a wonderful time,
reminiscing on all the once-in-a-lifetime memories they were able to share together and bring back to Shadow Wood.

Mark has received truly wonderful feedback from those who experienced this trip. “Wow! What an adventure.” said Mary Kunza, Shadow Wood Member. “It was far beyond our expectations not only with the golf and grand excursions but also the unbelievable
organization in its entirety. My mere words cannot explain this experience. Priceless.” Shadow Wood Member Tod Wilcock added, “What a great trip! From the golf, to the Barbary monkeys in Gibraltar, to the markets in Tangiers, it was all insightful and incredible.”

If you’re interested in experiencing one of these fabulous trips for yourself, the Shadow Wood Golf Travel Committee has an amazing trip planned for Summer 2020 to Whistling Straits and The American Club in Kohler, Wisconsin. This trip offers the unique
opportunity to play up to four of Kohler’s well revered and nationally ranked courses. The highlight will be the Whistling Straits Course, which one month later will host Steve Stricker’s American team taking on Padraig Harrington’s European squad in the 2020 Ryder Cup. Team USA and Team Europe will be walking in SWCC Members' footsteps! To join fellow members and one of our Pros for what will prove to be a memorable trip, please email our Director of Golf, Andy Scrivner at

New Member Integration at Shadow Wood

How do I get involved as a Shadow Wood member?

One of the most important parts of the new member experience is meeting other members. Here are some ways that Shadow Wood helps facilitate this process to ensure our new members are quickly integrated into the Shadow Wood lifestyle!

Ambassador Program

All new members are paired with a Club Ambassador who is a current member at Shadow Wood. Both new members and Ambassadors complete a member interest form, and pairings are selected based on similar interests and demographics. The role of a Club Ambassador is to make sure new members are getting into golf games, comfortable attending events such as happy hour, meeting other members, and simply making sure they feel like you belong from the first day of membership at Shadow Wood!

New Member Events

Throughout season, numerous Club sponsored events are designed specifically for new members to mingle and get to know each other. A complimentary new member mixer cocktail party is hosted each year in January to welcome all members who have joined over the last year along with the current Board of Directors and management team. A new member 9 & Dine outing, new member bocce clinic & social, and new member tables at our major social events are a sample of other ways to get involved in the many aspects of the Club.

Newcomers Club

The Newcomers Club welcomes all members who have joined in the last 24 months to meet monthly for an organized breakfast at the Club. Since forming in 2017, the Newcomers group has grown to over 50 attendees at the monthly breakfasts and has led to the formation of additional groups including a bike club, book clubs, and regular golf, tennis & bocce games.

Member Name Tags

All members have name tags which are usually worn at the Club’s social events. This helps to create an inviting atmosphere for new and current members alike. Name tags include home town/state and all new members have a special indicator on their tag to let other members know they are new to the club in an effort to encourage conversation.


The orientation is an important part of the integration process so that we can ensure new members have all of the information needed to enjoy the club. Orientations are conducted one-on-one with the Director of Membership and give new members a chance to ask us any questions they may have. We also have a special new member welcome gift including certificates for lessons with our Director of Golf and Director of Tennis.

2nd Live Update From The Construction Site

2nd Live Update from the Construction Site

Our Director of Membership, Danita Osborn, and Project Supervisor Jeff B. of DeAngelis Diamond take us live back to the construction site of Shadow Wood's brand new outdoor casual dining restaurant. It's been a month since our first live update and we wanted to share with you all the incredible progress that has been made! Please enjoy this short 5 minute glimpse behind the scenes of this highly anticipated expansion to Shadow Wood Country Club.


Live From The Construction Site

Live From The Construction Site

Danita Osborn, Director of Membership, takes you live to the construction site of Shadow Wood Country Club’s brand new outdoor casual dining restaurant, and chats with project supervisor Jeff B. of DeAngelis Diamond. They discuss the progress made so far, and what is to come. Enjoy this behind the scenes sneak peek!


Outdoor Casual Dining Construction Progress

Outdoor Casual Dining Construction Progress

We are two months into the construction of our brand new outdoor casual dining restaurant at Shadow Wood. Our team is working hard day in day out to complete this fantastic addition to the Club. As you'll see in the progress photos below, enormous strides have been made in just 2 months- the outcome is going to be fabulous! We are very excited as construction progresses so quickly and look forward to unveiling the finished product upon completion.

“Shadow Wood is committed to investing in its club facilities to provide the ultimate member experience, with the very best amenities,” said General Manager Brian Bartolec. “The new venue will give our team of employees a chance to deliver a new type of dining experience to our members in a more casual setting.

April 30th:

May 20th:

June 10th:

June 17th:

June 24th:

2019 Season Ending Celebration

2019 Season Ending Celebration "Sand and Sea!"

The 2019 Season Ending Party was a wonderful celebration to culminate the end of another successful season here at Shadow Wood Country Club. It’s always great to see our members having a blast at the Club; eating, drinking, laughing, dancing, and enjoying life here at Shadow Wood with their friends and family. Thank you to everyone that joined us. For those of you departing in the summer time, safe travels, and we look forward to your return! For those of you staying in town, we look forward to more fun times with you at Shadow Wood over the summer.


Men's Legacy Invitational 2019

Men's Legacy Invitational 2019

Thank you to everyone who participated in the 20th Annual Men’s Legacy Invitational! This year, we had 154 teams with guests from 118 clubs all over the nation. A special congratulations to our overall champions Mr. Michael Dunn and his guest Mr. Robert Kletjian, and our father-son champions Mr. Jack VanPelt and his son Mr. Jon VanPelt. We are excited to share this special video capturing all of the spectacular moments from the 2019 Men's Legacy Golf Invitational and look forward to continuing the Legacy tradition next year at Shadow Wood Country Club. Please sit back, relax and enjoy the video!


Ladies Legacy Invitational 2019: The Silk Road

Ladies Legacy Invitational 2019: The Silk Road

Shadow Wood Country Club's 2019 Ladies Legacy Golf Invitational was a fantastic event. Our members and their guests enjoyed a journey down "The Silk Road" at this themed 2-day premier golf event. There were 94 teams that joined us, including guests from all over the state and the nation. We thank everyone that joined us and are looking forward to continuing the tradition of excellence with next year's Legacy event. In this video you'll see the extraordinary journey the ladies enjoyed on the Silk Road at Shadow Wood Country Club!


Shadow Wood Lettuce: Behind-the-Scenes Farm Tour

Shadow Wood Lettuce: Behind-the-Scenes Farm Tour

In this special Behind-the-Scenes video, Executive Chef Richard Crisanti takes us on a tour of East Fork Creek Gardens, a local aquaponics farm in Fort Myers, where they are growing fresh, organic artisan lettuce for Shadow Wood Country Club. Chef Rich took a trip to the farm to learn all about the processes in growing the lettuce, and the inner workings of the farm, and got to sample delicious fresh fruits and vegetables along the way. East Fork Creek’s aquaponic farming method uses less than 10% of the water used in conventional growing, and no pesticides, herbicides, GMOs or chemical additives are ever used in any step of the growth process. A top priority for our culinary team is to provide sustainable, unprocessed, locally grown ingredients straight from the farm to your table! We hope you enjoy the tour.


Culinary Scene at Shadow Wood

Culinary Scene at Shadow Wood

Our Chefs at Shadow Wood work hard to provide our members an exceptional dining experience. With a wide variety of tastes and preferences to accommodate from such a diverse membership, it is important to provide options on all ends of the culinary spectrum. Amongst our innovative breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus, our endless dining choices range from casual to gourmet. For our wine enthusiasts, we offer Fine Food and Wine, Vintners Wine Dinners, and Wine Tastings. Foodies will enjoy a plethora of various gourmet events offered year-round. For those who opt for a lighter fare, our Casual Dining options include Brick Oven Pizza Night, Taco Night, Burger Nights and more. At select social events, our culinary team offers exciting Live Action Stations where they prepare the food right in front of your eyes! There is something for every taste palette and dining preference at Shadow Wood Country Club.

Featured Entrées:
Roasted Rack of Lamb (left) & Bouquet Salad (right)


A top priority for our Chefs at Shadow Wood is providing quality food from sustainable sources, and we do so by acquiring farm to table from local farmers and seafood from sustainable fisherman not harming the environment with practices such as overfishing. “At Shadow Wood, we take pride in ensuring the sustainability of our food. We do so by buying from vendors that produce natural, hydroponic, GMO-free, and pesticide-free ingredients,” said Executive Chef Richard Crisanti. As environmental needs are evolving, and food sustainability is becoming more and more important, it is our commitment to be ethically responsible in this sense. “We work hand in hand with our vendors to know exactly where our food comes from and won’t bring in anything that is subpar in quality,” he added. For example, the Steelhead Trout currently offered on the menu is raised in pure Rocky Mountain spring water, in the heart of Idaho, raised from their own elite pedigree, 100% traceable steelhead eggs.  

Featured Entrées:
Tropical Lobster Salad (left) & Skillet Roasted Steelhead Trout (right)


One of the many benefits of dining at Shadow Wood Country Club versus a regular restaurant establishment is that our Chefs are here solely to serve you. They use your feedback to constantly improve and evolve our dining options. We change our dining menu every few weeks to keep our offerings fresh and relevant, while still providing your classic Club favorites. We always make sure to provide heart healthy, gluten free, and vegan dishes for our members. To go a step further, our culinary team takes our members preferences into very careful consideration while serving them, by keeping record of various allergies and dietary restrictions to ensure a dining experience catered to them.

Featured Entrées:
Tuxedo Tuna (left) & Pan Seared Scallops (right)


To provide top quality cuisine, we enlist only top quality talent. Our head Chefs, Executive Chef Richard Crisanti and Chef de Cuisine Boun Chanthavong have a combined 40 years in the culinary industry. Both Chefs graduated from top culinary universities; Chef Rich from Johnson & Wales and Chef Boun from Le Cordon Bleu. Chef Rich is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC), a World Certified Executive Chef (WCEC), a Certified Culinary Administrator (CCA), and a Certified Culinary Evaluator. He is the President of the ACF (American Culinary Federation) Caxambas Chapter of Southwest Florida and received the Presidential Medallion Award at the national convention in 2017. In 2013 and 2014 he received the honor of Chef of the Year through the Caxambas Chapter. Chef Rich is a member of many prestigious culinary societies such as the Disciples of Escoffier and the Chaine des Rotisseurs. Chef Boun is a Certified Executive Chef (CEC) and has been an active member of the ACF (American Culinary Federation) for over ten years. He recently placed first at the Florida Restaurant & Lodging Association’s “Farm to Table Vegetarian Signature Competition" with his delicious Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini Cannelloni featured below.

Featured Entrées:
Mushroom Stuffed Zucchini Cannelloni (left) & Roasted Beets with Apple Salad and Pesto Vinaigrette (right)


We truly do have the best of the best here at Shadow Wood, including flavorful cuisine, top notch wine events, unparalleled culinary expertise, and distinguished service. All the aforementioned characteristics attribute to what makes Shadow Wood one of the top Clubs in Southwest Florida, and the Club where people are proud to belong!

Shadow Wood "Tips from the Pros": Golf Tip with Mark Moffatt

Golf Tip with Mark Moffatt

Our Shadow Wood video series “Tips from the Pros” feature Shadow Wood professionals sharing with you the knowledge of their expertise. The video below features Mark Moffatt, Director of Instruction, sharing his golf tip on an exercise that will help you hit further with your current swing technique. Mark earned his Class "A" PGA Membership at Pinehurst Resort where he was a Golf instructor and a part of the operations team for the 1999 US Open. In 2000, Mark opened The Club at Mediterra as Head Golf Professional. He was one of the first 100 PGA Professionals to earn the "PGA Certified Instructor" designation and is also a Jim Hardy Plane Truth Certified Instructor. This year, Mark was recognized as the 2018 Southwest Florida Chapter PGA Teacher of the Year.


Shadow Wood "Tips from the Pros": Tennis Tip with Scott Harrington

Tennis Tip with Scott Harrington

Our Shadow Wood video series “Tips from the Pros” feature Shadow Wood professionals sharing with you the knowledge of their expertise. The video below features Scott Harrington, Head Tennis Professional, sharing his tennis tip on forehand volley. Scott Harrington joined Shadow Wood in 2012 as an Assistant Tennis Professional and was promoted to Head Tennis Professional in 2013. He has been a member of the United States Tennis Professional Association for over 20 years. Scott is also the seasonal Tennis Director at the Siasconset Casino Club in Nantucket, Massaschusetts. Scott was an All American tennis player at Palm Beach College and ranked #1 in the nation Men's USPTA Open Doubles.


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