Shadow Wood Strong

The Shadow Wood STRONG motto is the foundation of our employee training program.

This important aspect of our team's initial training is what allows Shadow Wood to provide an extraordinary level of personal service to member's and guests. Our goal is to retain our employees so that members see friendly, familiar faces which adds a personal touch to the experience at Shadow Wood Country Club.


Smile, Smile, Smile!

Our members deserve to know that we are happy to serve them! Use eye contact, personality and attentiveness to show them that we care. Greet them with a cheerful "Hello" and invite members back for upcoming events.


Timely Service!

Acquire a Sense of Urgency for service even on the slowest of days. Anticipate member's needs before they ask. Maintaining communication between you and the member promotes timely service.


Recognize Members!

Get to know our members by name. Repeat the member's name back to them during your interaction and you will soon recall that member's name as you greet them each day!


On Time & Organized!

Working strong as a team means being prepared and on time. Arrive ahead of schedule and prepared for the day's events.


Never say "No"!

Always answer with a positive response when speaking with the members.


Great Attitude!

Any situation can be resolved triumphantly if you choose to have a positive attitude! Attitude can make or break a team. We have a choice every day of what attitude we will embrace.